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Focusing on the predictability and
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A dramatically different approach to hiring that benefits the employer
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What We Do

Partners in Talent Acquisition

Performance Match Recruiting is a national recruiting firm with a unique approach. We match candidates to open positions using Caliper's scientifically proven method to ensure an individual's success and longevity. We understand the costs of a bad hire and focus on our client's need for long-term success. We put your best interest first; candidates are matched through skill assessments, personality and character strengths to be sure they perform beyond expectations.

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Talent Recruitment Manager
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Our Difference

A company's success is highly dependent upon the talent that organization can acquire. Our search process provides clients with the confidence that their hiring decision is a good one. The approach we take also attracts talented candidates not seeking a career move by giving assurances and a high probability of success. Our approach is different, and the benefits are substantial.

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Are You an Exceptional Candidate?

When is the right time to make a career move? How can I mitigate the risks? Is there a position that better suits me? Performance Match uses a job matching process that makes your decision easier. We care about your future, longevity and success. To help along the way we provide personal onboarding so you have a solid understanding of how to hit the ground running.

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Industry News

Job-Hopping Executives No Longer Pay Penalty
Wall Street Journal, Jul 26, 2016

Corey Heller often finds himself ordering fresh business cards. The human resources executive has switched employers nine times since 1996—and spent less than three years at six of those workplaces.

In any other era, the 51-year-old Mr. Heller would be viewed as an unstable job hopper. But today, that stigma is starting to fade amid greater pressure for rapid results and decreased workplace loyalty, according to executive recruiters and coaches. The change suggests that companies increasingly believe high-level hires with multiple recent employers bring fresh insights and a mix of experience.

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