Performance Match Recruiting was founded on the premise that a bad sales hire costs a company dearly in both wasted time and money. Our recruiting model promises to dramatically improve a company's hiring process. Our clients benefit by attracting better talent with improved performance and lower attrition. Clients understand the value of our service based on past experiences with standard recruitment models. Performance Match Recruiting will help you realize a speedy ROI based on eliminating the costs of a bad hire.

Meet Our Team
(From left to right) Karin Siciliano, Pat Plumeau, Tracy Morgan, Joan Morelli,
Stephanie Corrado, and Laurie Harbaugh

Performance Match utilizes the tools and capabilities of the industry leading talent assessment company. Caliper is a human capital management company that, for the past 50 years, has helped more than 28,000 companies in 13 countries select and develop top performers. Our associates have been trained in the effective use of Caliper's assessment tools to accomplish a screening process that ensures our pre-qualified candidates are right for each position, the first time. After the employee begins work we engage a professional organizational development consultant to contact each newly hired employee using coaching methods designed to ensure a quick start.

We accomplish all of this using an industry standard fee structure. Our goal is not short-term profit or a hit-and-run model. By serving clients in this manner we build long lasting relationships. Our process benefits the hiring client and candidates alike. Job matching is the hiring model of the future, and Performance Match has the expertise to fundamentally change the way sales talent is hired.